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Windmill Dashboard HTML

No frameworks, no dependencies. Pure, flexible web development.

Dashboard preview


If you're looking for the React version, go here. This application is perfect if you are looking for flexibility, like a server rendered or a framework implementation that is not currently offered, or just don't want too much dependencies

Accessibility is a priority in my projects and I think it should be in yours too, so this was developed listening to real screen readers and focus traps and keyboard navigation are available everywhere.


  • Dark theme enabled (load even different images based on theme)
  • Throughly accessible (developed using screen readers)
  • 100% keyboard navigable
  • Custom components
  • Alpine JS (used for dropdowns and toggles)
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Chart.js
  • Heroicons
  • Sponsor me and have a voice deciding the next features and have early access to them